Penn Group Charity in 2021

In 2021 we continue to recognise the increasing need for help and support and we pledge to pay at least £5,000 to charitable institutions. In 2020 we signed the Armed Forces Covenant pledge and we are proud to be supporting those who are and have served, and their families. This is why we continue with The Veterans Charity, Veterans In Action Charity and The Islington Veterans as three of our main charitable institutions for 2021.


On purpose, we want to support the small. We know that each penny donated by us and by you, it goes directly to those in need. Every little makes a huge difference. 

We thank every single one of you for your donations over the years and we thank you for sticking around. There is still a lot of work to be done and we are glad to see you are still here with us!  



It has become a bit of a tradition for Shak Inayat, Penn Chambers Principal Solicitor to  run a half marathon for The Veterans Charity.

This is in aid of  The Veterans Charity.

Their website is here: The Veterans Charity website

This will be funded entirely by Penn Chambers Solicitors.




In 2020 we organised our very first Virtual Run to raise funds to support the vital work VIA Charity does, and our #PennRunVIA was trending for a day. 

In 2021, we will be taking part in VIA Charity Alive Challenge and you can support us below. 




The Islington Veterans have now for quite some time been key members of the community in Islington and surrounding areas. 


The Association has had an important role in the lives of those veterans and their families living there. Ours and your donations help to keep that going. 

The 4th Charity

Every year we take part or organise an event to support four charities in total and the 4th is always something different to everything else we have done before. We, of course, pledge to support them with a minimum of £1250.00.


We have not yet decided the 4th charity for 2021. We normally decide this amongst ourselves, but this time around, we would like your help. If there is a small charity, close to your heart, please let us know by 30th June 2021.


Please send an email to