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Penn Accounts Limited

Trading Name: Penn Accounts

We will always work hard to ensure that all our clients receive the highest possible standards of service from us. We strive at all times to treat customers fairly as a bare minimum.


However, we acknowledge that from time to time we may not get things right. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service including in relation to any bills rendered, we have an established procedure to resolve your concerns as swiftly as possible.


We are committed to resolving any grievances in the spirit of compromise and with the utmost of best intentions. We will at all times ensure that any client with any quality assurance issue is treated professionally, courteously and fairly at all times before, during and after any investigation.


Honesty is so vital in our professions. We will maintain the utmost honesty and integrity at all time.



Definition Of Complaint


Any expression of dissatisfaction from or on behalf of a client, whether oral or written and whether justified or not.




You as a client will never be charged a fee for any enquiry into any quality assurance issue. We promise to you that you will not ever suffer any reduction in the quality of the service that we offer you because you have raised a quality assurance issue.



Information To Be Provided To Clients


At the outset, clients will always receive our Quality Assurance Procedure in the initial documentation that we send to you. (To assist, we refer to this as a P1 letter).


You may at any time request a further copy of the original P1 letter and/or the updated P1 letter free of charge. This is whether you fall within a regulated category of client or not.


What Do We Do With Your Complaint


As soon as you raise a quality assurance issue, in all cases a Quality Assurance Report Form is completed by us and rest assured we use these forms to improve our generic training for all our staff and to improve our systems and processes. By understanding all the quality assurance issues that we may have, the Management Team cluster those quality assurance issues and take necessary Individual, Team, Company and Group level remedial action so that we can learn from these events and improve our learning, systems and processes so that they do not happen again.



(Time Limited) Procedure First Stage

We firmly believe that resolving any issues that you as a client may have are best resolved by dealing with them as close as possible to the source of the concerns. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the quality of service that you have received from us, then we invite you to raise your concerns with the Advisor acting for you in the first instance.

Acting in the spirit of compromise it is often possible to resolve the vast majority of client care issues in this manner. These time limited quality assurance issues must be resolved by us to your satisfaction within three working days.


If this immediate direct intervention does not resolve the issue or if you (or the Advisor) feel that it would be inappropriate for the quality assurance issues to be dealt with in this way, then then you should raise the matter with the Head of Quality Assurance preferably in writing and proceed to the second stage.


(Internal Procedure) Second Stage

Where the first stage procedure does not lead to a satisfactory resolution or if you feel that it would be inappropriate for your quality assurance issues to be dealt with by the Advisor or the issue is not resolved within three working days then you should raise the issue with the Head of Quality Assurance (preferably in writing).

In the circumstances that your complaint relates to the Head of Quality Assurance, your issue will be re-directed to the next most senior person within the company, who shall then consider the your concerns impartially.

The role that the Head of Quality Assurance is to be fair and reasonable to your concerns at all times and we will place a particular emphasis on compromise. This stage will normally involve the Head of Quality Assurance reviewing the file and speaking to the relevant Advisor and/or any other member of staff.

The Head of Quality Assurance may also invite you to a meeting to discuss and hopefully resolve your concerns. Following that meeting, the Head of Quality Assurance will then write to you to set out their findings and outcomes proposed.




Where we cannot resolve the complaint within three working days we will handle the complaint within our formal dispute process as follows:


The Quality Assurance Director will acknowledge your complaint in writing fairly and promptly within three working days setting out our understanding of the complaint and inviting you to confirm in writing the accuracy of that statement, where the statement was oral.


The acknowledgement letter will include the most up to date copy of the Quality Assurance Procedure and will also confirm that we


1. Will investigate the complaint and respond fairly and promptly within 14 days


2. Highlight that if the investigation is not completed fairly and promptly within those 14 days then you will be informed of the reasons for the delay and when it is anticipated that the investigation will be concluded


3. That if the investigation is not concluded within 8 weeks, the Quality Assurance Director will write further to you informing you of the reasons for further delay and that if you are not satisfied with the progress that we have made then you may refer the complaint to the relevant Ombudsman Service.





Immediately on completion of the investigation, the Quality Assurance Director will write to you notifying you of the outcome of the investigation, the nature and terms of any settlement proposed and that if you are not satisfied with the outcome that you may then refer the matter to the Ombudsman.


The letter will also provide details in relation to whether or not the firm will allow the FOS to consider the complaint outside of the relevant timescales (for FCA matters only)


We will also provide you with the name, address, telephone number and website address of the Ombudsman which is also stated below.



If any compensation is proposed, that compensation offered shall be fair and the basis of calculation will be explained to the you.


Closing the complaint


A final letter will be issued to you setting out the result of the investigation and offering redress if appropriate.


Where we receive confirmation from you that they are satisfied with the findings of investigation and any resolution, the quality assurance issue will be considered closed by the Quality Assurance Director once any redress actions are completed and/or any compensation is paid as appropriate.


Where no confirmation has been received from you within 8 weeks of our final response, the quality assurance issue will also be considered closed.



Complaints About Discrimination

If you feel that we have discriminated against you then you may have legal redress and you should take independent legal advice on the matter.



Negligence Claims


If you feel that we have bee legally negligent in our advice or recommendations, then you may have legal redress and you should take independent legal advice on the matter.

Alternative Complaint Bodies


Alternative complaints bodies such as ProMediate and Small Claims Mediation exist which are competent to deal with quality assurance issue about PROFESSIONAL services should both you and we wish to use such a scheme. We may be willing to engage with such organisations. In such case, please contact us further. This however is constantly under review.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)


In accordance with relevant EU Directives, if you are a client and we have made a contract with you by electronic means you may be entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution service to assist with any contractual dispute you may have with us. This service can be found at Our email address for this purpose is If you require any further information on this solution, then please do not hesitate to contact us further.

Our Contact Details

Should you have any concerns about any aspect of the service that you have received from Penn Accounts you may contact the Head of Quality Assurance by the following means:

a) By telephone on 0333 34 44 54 8 (charged at local rates and mobile minutes inclusive)

b) By email on

c) By writing to us at The Head of Quality Assurance, Penn Accounts, 13 Austin Friars London EC2N 2HE.




How Do We Keep This Information Up To Date?

Penn Group will occasionally make changes and corrections to the above. If we believe that the changes are material, we will let you know by doing one (or more) of the following:

(1) posting the changes on our websites, or

(2) sending an email to you informing you about the changes; or

(3) writing a letter to you informing you about the changes. 


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