We Are Open For Business


You will no doubt be fully aware of the

 outbreak of Covid 19 (C19), the "coronavirus".


We write this note to potential new clients considering instructing us to hopefully alleviate any concerns you may have and to assure you that we are open for business (even if not as usual).

Existing clients should read the UPDATED position here. 

Business Continuity Management Plans

For over a decade we have had robust disaster management and business recovery plans in place. They have been contained in our Business Continuity Management Plan which has been amended and improved over the years and tested annually to ensure that it works and that it meets robust scrutiny and exacting standards.

In reality, very little has changed for us in what we do and how we do it to ensure that we give you full service at all times.

Our Technology

We have invested in technology as a means to mitigate any downtime on our work rate and the service that we provide to you. Every member of staff from the office junior to the Principal Solicitor have always had the following:


1. Laptops that they retain at home for home working in such circumstances.


2. VoIP telephony that works anywhere with softphones loaded onto each PC and laptop.


3. Proteus 3 Office Management system that fully allows us to work on your files in the cloud which do at all times whether in the office or working elsewhere.


4. Office 365 with Teams for collaboration which also fully allows us to email and communicate with you as that too is based in the cloud.


5. Mobile phones (which also receive any missed or diverted calls from our direct dial landlines). 

All advisors have been provided printers that they have kept at home precisely for such emergencies.

How We Will Now Work

Regularly we work from home on Fridays and regularly the transport network in London is crippled. On all those occasions we have always remote worked. The above systems have been fine tuned every time we have been forced to work from home. 


In that respect, therefore, despite COVID-19, it is business as usual for us.


We are genuinely grateful for that and are pleased that we had the foresight, even as a small group of companies, to invest in Business Continuity Management Planning. 


Given however that we cannot, still on government advice, have face to face meetings, any future meeting will take place by Skype or Microsoft Teams. We are sorry about that.


We have now returned to work fully having undertaken a full risk assessment. Should you wish to see the same please do not hesitate to contact us.


The courts are at present still functioning and we will also make sure we are fully ready to attend court on your behalf. This position may change at short notice.

HMRC still expect payments for corporation tax to be paid and Companies House still expect accounts and annual returns etc to be filed on time. The VAT position and other HMRC concerns are volatile so you should contact us to find out the up to date position.

Mortgage lenders are still functioning but at extremely reduced levels and so the number of mortgage products on the market are limited. However, they are still available. This is a daily changing position so you should contact us before considering any particular course of action.

What Will Be The Same


If you instruct us to act on your behalf, you will be able to contact us by the same email, DDI landline, mobile telephone and fax numbers that our existing clients do in the usual way. Nothing has changed in that regard for any of us within Penn Group.


You will be given full and free access to our case management system Proteus 3, where you can see REAL TIME LIVE  updates on your case which reduces the number of interactions you have with us and saves you money.


What Will Be Different


The difference that we can envisage at present is that if you require a meeting, we will need to hold those meetings by Skype or Microsoft Teams.

Plans Moving Forward

We are open for business and are here in the same way for you as we are for our existing clients.


Please keep safe.


Please also self isolate where ever possible and if you must travel anywhere, please practice social distancing.  If you know anyone who is living alone, or is vulnerable or aged, please give them a call and brighten their day, even if for 5 minutes.


We look forward to acting on your behalf.


Finding our more: 


You may contact the us for more information on our up to date position by:


a) emailing us at businesscontinuity@penngroup.co.uk; or


b) writing to us at Business Continuity Team, Penn Group, 13 Austin Friars, London, EC2N 2HE.

How Do We Keep This Information Up To Date?

Penn Group will occasionally make changes and corrections to the above. If we believe that the changes are material, we’ll let you know by doing one (or more) of the following:

(1) posting the changes on our website site, or

(2) sending an email to you informing you about the changes; or

(3) writing a letter to you informing you about the changes. 


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