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In addition to our law firm and accountancy practise we also have a financial services company to advise you on all your mortgage, protection and insurance needs.


We are fully regulated by the FCA. We are independent and have access to products across the market. We are not biased and nor are we restricted.  

Penn Financial is a separately owned company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. No other company within Penn Group is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Click here to visit the Penn Financial Website.

The advantages of having a financial services business in the same Group of Companies as a law firm and accountancy practise is plain to understand. At Penn Financial, our expert mortgage brokers act on behalf of discerning individuals, typically small to medium size business owners or professionals to provide for their individual and business mortgage needs.


At Penn Financial we also provide life insurance, critical illness cover, and health cover as well as advising on commercial and residential mortgages to provide a complete solution for all our clients. 



Shak Inayat 

Director | Mortgage Broker 

Shak Inayat