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HLN2024 - Legal Networking in London

Exciting News: Penn Chambers Solicitors and Penn Financial Announce Sponsorship for Hexagon Legal Network's Seventh Season!

We are thrilled to announce that Penn Chambers Solicitors will be one of the Legal Sponsors, and Penn Financial will be one of the Affiliate Sponsors for the seventh season of Hexagon Legal Network in 2024. This marks our commitment to supporting the legal community and fostering meaningful connections within the industry. Legal Networking in London done right!

Hexagon Legal Network, renowned for bringing together legal professionals and experts, has assembled an impressive lineup of sponsors for the upcoming season.

Alongside Penn Chambers Solicitors and Penn Financial, our esteemed fellow sponsors include:

This collaboration with such distinguished organisations reflects our dedication to contributing to the growth and success of the legal network community.

For those who have set their sights on levelling up their networking game this year, we bring you the dates you do not want to miss. Hexagon Legal Network's seventh season promises insightful discussions, valuable connections, and opportunities to enhance your professional network.

Mark your calendars for the following dates, and purchase your tickets:

Join us at Hexagon Legal Network events, where legal professionals come together to share knowledge, forge partnerships, and shape the future of the legal industry. We look forward to connecting with you and creating meaningful relationships throughout this season.

Stay tuned for updates, speaker announcements, and additional details. Hexagon Legal Network's seventh season is set to be a remarkable experience, and Penn Chambers Solicitors and Penn Financial are proud to be a part of it!

See you there!


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