Imagine A Horrible Man..

February 10, 2014

Imagine a horrible man…


Then imagine that he hates his wife so much that he went out of his way to get her into trouble and that lands HER in jail.


Then imagine that he gets sacked (or resigns, call it what you will) from his job in the government.


Then imagine the same man allegedly then pulled his wife through a window into the former matrimonial home and gave her a black eye in doing so.


Then imagine the same odious man was allegedly violent when his wife tried to leave the home to flee from his rage.


Then imagine the same man who had previously worked for the government as an advisor being RE-INSTATED as a government advisor again.


I would be disgusted – wouldn’t you?


Well read these two articles then make up your own mind (and please tell me if I am missing something – I genuinely want to know because I cannot fathom it out):

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