Care failings are shocking across the sector and successive governments and regulators have a big hand in the problem

July 13, 2017

Although I’ve never worked as a carer, I spent many years in the care sector and let me tell you it’s an eye opener. Some of that time was spent in the private pay market, and more recently in funded care market. Let me start by making my position clear regarding care delivery in both. Mostly I have seen great quality care delivered by people that actually do care for their residents. Carers in general do an amazing, thankless job and often are the only ‘family’ that some of the residents have in their lives. I applaud you and thank you for the amazing work you do each and every day.


Now, I’m sure this will upset some but feel free to challenge me if you think you can back up your argument. Private pay providers have zero excuse for delivering poor quality care, lack of carers, nurses, cleanliness, quality food and activity, and by activity I don’t mean ‘Word Wheel’, I’m talking about activity that actually engages and acknowledges the individual in your care. The sole reason for poor quality in the private sector is a blatant lack of investment in training (E-learning by the way is, on the whole, a tick box exercise and is no replacement for real training) staff engagement, pay levels for carers and nurses, and awareness for the hardworking staff that often have to run two jobs to make ends meet. At fees starting from around £1,000 per week at the lower end and above £1600 per week where needs are higher, there is zero excuse for not delivering on a promise of quality and care.


As for the funded market, local authorities, albeit cash strapped, are simply in cloud cuckoo land. I’ve personally dealt with local authorities telling me it’s possible to deliver high end nursing care for as little as £400 per week plus an NHS contribution, currently £155.05. Wake up people, it simply isn’t, not if we want residents to live a dignified, safe life in their twilight years. Care providers cannot deliver consistent, great quality care  for that amount of money. And don’t even get me started on the lack of funding in dementia care!


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