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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Why you need to create a Plan now So, who is fed up of hearing about viruses? I am sick to my back teeth of hearing about the coronavirus C19, despite lamenting the sad death of so many poor souls. What was very noticeable when C19 happened and then the lockdown in March was that those who took business continuity management planning seriously were hardly operationally affected and those that did not, suffered greatly. We were thankfully fully prepared across Penn Group as we have had business continuity plans prepared, tested and revised for over 10 years now, but even we have learned something from a longer-term lockdown.

Some were not so prepared: I recall being in the ghost town of the City of London no less during lockdown (as I was on a rota to deal with, an essential, the post. That is something we cannot plan an alternative for in a law office) and watching some poor soul trying to heave a massive printer into the boot of his car, no doubt to take it home as he had not prepared for business continuity in his company in adverse circumstances. It seemed to me that he was doing his business continuity management planning on the hoof. So the moral of the story is to look at how you used to work, think about all the changes you had to make to enable you to work from home during the lockdown and write it down into a plan. Yes you, even if you are a one-person business. Alan Sugar once said “you need to have a goal to score a goal”. Have your goals set for what you will do in the event of the next significant event, should something happen again. And I am sure something will happen again. You may be surprised at what that something may be, but read my article entitled “Viruses – from Humans to Computers” to see what I think that may be.

You now have experience of an adverse event, you are wiser, you know what you did right and what you need to improve on. Next time you will be better prepared, or those of you who were prepared, even better prepared. You can find tons of templates and ideas online if you have never done one before. To not plan for the next event, just when we are coming out of this event would be foolhardy indeed. Be prepared. Shak Inayat Penn Chambers Solicitors 0207 183 2898

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