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COVID-19 Financial Support Measures

Great news for those businesses that had to furlough their staff.

HMRC has published the guidance for employers on how to make a claim.

Below is the simplified guidance.

The detailed step by step guidance can be found HERE.

· The online portal has been live from 20 April 2020

· Companies can apply either directly or via their agents (mostly accountants) registered to act for your PAYE

· It will take around 6 days for the money to be paid to your bank accounts after submitting the application

To apply you need:

Government Gateway ID and password

Active PAYE enrolment

The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute legal, accountancy or financial advice. You should take independent legal, accountancy or financial advice before relying on the information in this article or before decisions are made or before you embark on any course of action. Irina Inayat Penn Accounts 0207 183 6623 #coronavirus #PennAccounts #FurloughScheme #SMEs #HMRC #TheCoronavirusBusiness #Covid19 #Covid19SupportMeasures

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