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Team Penn | ALIVE Virtual Challenge

If you are keeping up with us and our charity efforts, then you must be aware that we have made a commitment to donate and raise £5,000 to charity this year. First one of the year, and throughout this year, we are raising funds to support VIA Charity and the vital work they do. Over the years we have seen them help many and their dedication is inspiring.

Each team member is aiming for 100 kilometres in a month - running, walking, jogging or combining the three. ALIVE Virtual Challenges are a great way to stay fit and active all year round and is also fantastic for mental well-being and get awesome medals for taking part and with the knowledge that you have helped veterans and their families who have served in the armed forces and have given so much for the country!

So, we are here to help VIA Charity make the difference. We will donate a minimum of £1,200 across the period and we kindly invite you to DONATE or to join us for the journey.

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